Dirty Nib, Clean Nib

While working on a Parker Striped Duofold, I was presented with this cleaning job.  I'd never seen such a gritty, weird mass of ink!  

After a good long soak in some technical pen cleaner, a once-over with an old toothbrush, and a good flossing, it's looking pretty good. :) 

Vacumatic Restoration, Progress Report

I was lucky enough to win a black Parker Vacumatic with double jewels and a speedline filler (there will be a post with pictures, I promise!).  It's been dismantled.  Everything looked great, but alas, the Speedline filler was frozen solid.

What does one do when you can't sleep?  Why, you take a plastic shim, some WD-40, and some patience, and you fix that filler! 

This pen was built in 1941; it's pretty cool to bring it back to life. :) 

Nakaya Decapod Twist, Ao-tamenuri

Grail pens require planning, scrimping, and saving.  If your grail pen happens to be a Nakaya, it may also require patience, as your special order can take months.

Sometimes, you are disappointed once the pen comes to you; this is not one of those times!  

Waterman's 0552 1/2 V

​I'm in the middle of restoring this tiny, tiny Waterman's ringtop.  It came to me in pretty good condition, aside from the nib (which I have already straightened). Now I just need to finish scraping out every single ossified crumb of the rubber sac!

Spirit of the Beehive

I think I might start in on some movie posters; this one will start out with a bunch of separate pieces that I'll probably combine digitally.  Graphite on Stillman & Birn Epsilon.​

Light Slices

I'm playing around - Olympus EPL-5 with kit lens, night, and lights over the shopping center behind my apartment.​

Greetings (again)!

It's been a long time since I've touched my site; now it's time to change things up.

​There will still be plenty of sketches, and plenty of photos, and possibly even some thoughts about random things that interest me (get ready to see some stuff about fountain pens).

Oh!  There will probably be parenthetical asides (or there will *definitely* be parenthetical asides...yeah).​